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ANCB Board Certification . . .

• Demonstrates Your Expertise

• Enhances Your Professional Standing

• Signifies Your Commitment To Excellence

• Grants You The Designation As CTN, CNW, or CHC

Now more than ever, natural health practitioners need valid credentials to demonstrate their commitment to ethics & professionalism.

The American Naturopathic Certification Board (ANCB) sets the standard for naturopathic certification. Only ANCB Board Certified practitioners earn the titles of Certified Traditional Naturopath — CTN, Certified in Nutritional Wellness — CNW, or Certified Health Coach – CHC. Join us today and earn your certification!

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Natural Health & Wellness

Practiced for centuries around the world, natural paths to health & wellness are gaining popularity in the U.S., and for good reason.

Natural healing methods are backed by sound science, and as varied as the needs of individuals.

People Trust a Certified Professional

Regulation of natural health is complex and varies widely from state to state, so individuals searching for health & wellness services often seek out Certified Professionals.

ANCB’s Board Certifications in Traditional Naturopathy and Nutritional Wellness are based on the highest ethical, educational and professional standards.

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Are You A Naturopathic Professional?

Chiropractor - Holistic Dentist - Acupuncturist - Nurse Practitioner - Registered Dietitian

Our Members come from all kinds of educational backgrounds! Contact us today to see if you too are eligible to become board certified in natural health!
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