Continuing Education Webinars

ANCB is pleased to offer high quality Continuing Education Webinars on a variety of natural health topics. Live sessions are (generally) presented on Wednesdays at 8 PM Eastern time (5 PM Pacific time), and the recorded sessions will be available through these pages. When you register, we’ll send links for the live presentations.

Individual programs are $20 each, with discounts for the Spring, Fall, or full 2016 series.  Below is our Spring series of Webinars, with registration options below that. 

2016 Spring Webinars

Understanding the Endocrine System – a 5 part series

Of vast importance, though least understood, are the glands of the endocrine system and the hormones they release. This hormonal activity influences every cell, organ, and structure in our bodies. The endocrine system regulates growth and development, tissue function, and metabolism, mood and reproduction.

Join Phyllis Light for an overview of the hormones and glands of the endocrine system. She will discuss the functioning of the glands, excessive and deficiency situations, common disorders, and natural approaches to help restore balance using herbs, foods, and lifestyle changes. The female reproductive system and the pancreas will be covered in the Fall 2016 webinar series.

Wednesday, June 1   Overview of system, glands, hormones, feedback loop

Wednesday, June 8  Hypothalamus, Pituitary, Pineal

Wednesday, June 15  Adrenal Glands and Health

Wednesday, June 22  Thyroid Health

Thursday, June 30  Male & Female Reproductive Systems


Webinars begin at 8 pm Eastern time (5 pm Pacific) and last approximately 1 hour.  Each is worth 1 hour of CEU credit.

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2014 Webinar Recordings

Our 2014 Webinars are now archived.  If you’d like to purchase these programs, or if you’ve already purchased them and would like to view them, please contact our office.

2013 Webinars

Our 2013 Webinars are now archived. If you’d like to purchase these programs, or if you’ve already purchased and would like to view them, please contact our office.