Membership in ANCB

ANCB has several categories of members including Board Certified Practitioners, corporate and educational institutions, and students and individuals who are not certified.  While Board Certified Practitioners form the core of our membership, other member categories offer similar benefits and advantages.

Board Certified Practitioners

ANCB offers Professional Board Certification in two areas: Traditional Naturopathy and Nutritional Wellness.  Individuals that have passed our national certification exams and become certified in either or both of these areas are identified with the following credentials:

CTN, Certified Traditional Naturopath

CNW, Certified in Nutritional Wellness

General & Student Members

In addition to these Certified practitioners, ANCB offers membership to non-certified practitioners and students. These members are not required to take our certification exam, nor do are they required to obtain continuing education. As with our Certified Practitioners, we offer free listings in our on-line Directory, access to educational Webinars, and we share important information on legislative issues.

Educational Institutions

ANCB offers membership to Natural Health Colleges, Universities, Institutes and Certificate Programs. Through these educational memberships, we strive to encourage high educational standards and promote the principles and practices of natural healing.

Corporate and Industry Partners

ANCB invites natural health companies, supplement distributors, health food stores, and other companies to become Corporate Partners. Our goal is to engage the for-profit businesses that promote natural health and wellness, and work with them to ensure that both products and practices are held to high standards of quality.

Join With Us Today!

Download our membership application by clicking here (coming soon!), then complete and return it with your payment to join ANCB today.  Or use the drop down menu below (coming soon!) to select your membership category and join today. ANCB uses PayPal to handle your transaction securely (PayPal account not required).